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  • Male hands pouring espresso martini cocktail into glass... whats your secret tipple?

    Fiona Beckett on drinks
    Baileys, egg nog, cream sherry: which drink’s your old favourite?

    Many of us have a drink – alcoholic or not – that stirs the memory or the simple comfort of familiarity
  • The Breakfast Martini, courtesy of Mount St. restaurant in London.

    Cocktail of the week
    Mount St restaurant’s breakfast martini – recipe

  • Felicity Cloake's cioppino

    How?to make cioppino, or San Franciscan seafood stew – recipe

    Not far from something you might find on the Tuscan or southern French coast, this tomato-rich, Italian-American seafood stew is a real showstopper
  • A woman makes a blueberry smoothie using a measuring cup.

    How?many grams in a cup? How to convert US recipes to metric

  • Rachel Roddy's chicken parmigiana.

    Rachel Roddy’s recipe for chicken parmigiana

    • Jane Baxter’s budget recipes for American-style sweetcorn

    • Vishwesh Bhatt’s recipe for black-eyed pea griddle cakes

    • Nigel Slater’s 10 best recipes over the past 30 years

    • Molly Baz’s recipe for chicken piccata with sweetcorn, and marinated zucchini and mozzarella

    • Meera Sodha’s vegan recipe for baked sweet potatoes with chipotle beans

    • East meets west: Andy Baraghani’s recipes for meatballs and apple-and-blackberry crisp

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  • Grace Dent at Wagamama's in Westfield Stratford City: ‘Come as you are, come dishevelled, hungover, heartbroken, alone or with a rabble ... My order rarely deviates and my love never dwindles.’

    Grace Dent
    ‘A moment of dependable zen on a helter-skelter day’: Grace Dent on the joy of chain restaurants

  • Tendril, 5 Princes Street, London W1, for Jay Rayner's restaurant review, OM, 12/09/2023. Sophia Evans for The Observer

    Jay Rayner on restaurants
    Tendril, London: ‘A hotbed of vegetable-love’ – restaurant review

    • Sophie's Steakhouse, Chelsea, London

      Grace Dent on restaurants
      Sophie’s Steakhouse, London SW10: ‘Resolutely, safely unadventurous’ – restaurant review

    • Cadiz, Edinburgh

      Grace Dent on restaurants
      Cadiz, Edinburgh: ‘An oddly un-Spanish experience’ – restaurant review

    • Jay Rayner Observer Edinburgh Castle 01 09 2023 0580

      Jay Rayner on restaurants
      The?Edinburgh Castle, Manchester: ‘A great place to eat’ – restaurant review

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  • Pret a Manger’s ‘posh’ cheese and pickle sandwich

    Sandwich price shocks but meal deal costs rise less than average food inflation

  • Earthworms in soil

    Earthworms help produce as much grain as Russia, say researchers

    The humble creatures – which break down organic matter and aerate soils – contribute to as much as 6.5% of the world’s grain harvests
  • Biscuits, crisps, chocolate bars and carbonated drinks

    Scientists on panel defending ultra-processed foods linked to food firms

    Exclusive: three out of five at briefing playing down concerns over UPFs have ties to makers of such foods
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  • Minette Batters

    Minette Batters: ‘We need a success story for wild spaces but also for farmers and food’

  • A farmer pours milk into a milk can in a field with the sun setting

    Raw?milk: the ultimate dairy product is back – but is it safe?

  • Tom Hunt’s lacto-fermented tomato harissa ketchup.

    Zero-waste cooking
    How?to make a zingy ketchup from overripe tomatoes

  • A man in rubber fishing overalls and gloves holds a big salmon next to a net at a lake

    ‘Monstrous’ sea lice and jellyfish invasions blighting Scottish salmon farms

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