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Health & fitness

  • Walking Netball<br>Feature on the England Walking Netball club called the ‘Wild Ones’ where women of different ages from 55 - 73 play walking netball at The Portland Centre in Nottingham. Pictured are (l-r) Joan Scarrott(72), Jean Bly(68) and Janet Blair(55). Photo by Fabio De Paola

    Run?at 40, dance at 80: the best ways to exercise in every decade of your life

  • Tube of makeup

    Retinoids work, wipes don’t: 21 things I’ve learned about skin care

    What to spend your money on and what not to: Sali Hughes’s lessons from 33 years in the beauty industry
  • a newborn baby boy is checked by nurses in a hospital maternity theatre

    Smoking in pregnancy increases risk of premature birth threefold, study finds

    Risk of smoking double the previous estimate, but research finds no link between above average caffeine intake and pre-term babies
  • Jennifer Wong in a float tank

    My?first time in a float tank: ‘the only part of me I was sure still existed was my head’

  • Sometimes, it’s the smallest changes which end up having the biggest impact on our lives.

    Tell us about a small change that improved your lifestyle

  • Rachel Dixon goes hiking near Oslo with the Norwegian Scouts

    The?Norwegian secret: how friluftsliv boosts health and happiness

  • Okene in a life vest.

    I?survived three days in a capsized boat on the ocean floor – praying in my air bubble

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  • Illustration of a man in deep thought

    Ask Annalisa Barbieri
    I?feel sickened with myself for shouting at my child. Please help

  • ‘I want to do fun and spicy stuff, but I feel that I can’t do that with him any more.’

    Sexual healing
    My?partner and I used to have amazing sex. Then he came out as asexual

  • A drug syringe and a spoon with cooked heroin<br>Drug syringe and cooked heroin on spoon

    Ask Philippa
    Should I worry about my recreational heroin use?

  •  The Co-Operative Bank branch at Hanley, Staffordshire

    Consumer champions
    Co-operative Bank seems to have lost ?2,500 I sent abroad

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Running & biking

  • Young people ride bicycles along a deserted street on Yom Kippur.

    Yom?Kippur turns Israel’s roads into paradise for growing numbers of cyclists

    • Life in bike theft Britain: ‘Afterwards, I couldn’t face going outside’

    • ‘Bottom of the food chain’: e-scooter riders push for reimagining of Australia’s bike lanes

    • Floppy necks, marching elephants and naps in ATM booths: what keeps these Australians returning to a 1200km French cycling race?

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Health news

  • Shelley Nicholson and her daughter Ash, 16, at their home near Carlisle in Cumbria.

    More than 1 million children in UK sleep on floor or share bed, study finds

  • A public footpath finger post in a field points towards houses

    Whitest parts of England and Wales have 144% more local paths, study finds

    • A woman in a meditation pose at sunset outside

      ‘It makes me a better MP’: British politicians get lessons in meditation

    • Jill Scott poses with girls from a grassroots football team who have been given free sponsored kit by Starling Bank.

      Jill Scott: address body image pressures to stop girls quitting football

    • Overhead view of burgers, hotdogs and pizzas

      Ultra-processed food raises risk of heart attack and stroke, two studies show

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