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  • Katharine Viner

    A?new supporter every two minutes: how readers powered our journalism in 2020

    Katharine Viner
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    Frontline workers trust the Guardian’s reporting on coronavirus more than any other UK print or online media outlet

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  • Lindsay McGlone, Pam Johnson and Rachel Horne from the Guardian film ‘Made in Doncaster’, part of the Made in Britain series.

    Made in Britain
    'Now more than ever, we must involve and empower people'

    Senior video producer John Domokos on a community-focused video series highlighting social issues facing Britons today
  • Freshwater Five court case<br>Scott Birtwistle (second right) who was sentenced to 14 years’ detention and Daniel Payne (centre), who was jailed for 18yrs, two members of the Freshwater Five, for trying to smuggle 250kg of cocaine into the UK, outside the Royal Courts of Justice, central London, where Mr Payne is challenging his conviction in the Court of Appeal. Picture date: Thursday February 25, 2021. PA Photo. Mr Payne, 46, was jailed in 2011 for conspiracy to import ?53 million of cocaine into the UK, via Freshwater Bay, off the coast of the Isle of Wight. Payne and three of his co-defendants – Jamie Green, Scott Birtwistle and Zoran Dresic – were said to have collected the drugs from the English Channel in a fishing boat, the Galwad-Y-Mor, in May 2010. See PA story COURTS FreshwaterFive. Photo credit should read: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

    Telling the story of the Freshwater Five
    'Millions are debating their innocence'

  • A soldier in camouflage watches as a man in protective clothing and a backpack-mounted sprayer walks along a line of vehicles at a checkpoint

    On the ground in Yemen
    ‘A place of wonder overshadowed by conflict’

    Our Turkey and Middle East correspondent reflects on a violent, tangled conflict that touches even the youngest lives
  • Spent bullet shells on the ground at the site of deadly clashes between anti-coup protestors and security forces this week in Yangon, Myanmar.

    Reporting from Myanmar
    'The future has never been darker'

    Two journalists reflect on danger, fear and uncertainty of life in the country – and the risks people are taking to access information
    • hello here it is cheers

      Interview with First Dog on the Moon
      ‘I ask myself: what if a pineapple was doing this?’

    • NWA in New York in 1991 (left to right) DJ Yella, MC Ren, Eazy-E and Dr Dre

      The?Guardian's new podcast on the soundtrack to history

    • The Sanders family

      Editing the Guardian experience column
      'It's about profound moments of discovery'

    • Modern masculinity series two episode two on circumcision

      Making Modern Masculinity
      'It felt like we needed to build bridges'


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  • Student at desk with computer screen

    Covid-19 and technology
    ‘This time has shown me that analogue life has its advantages’

  • Whatever the Weather. M6 Theatre is now streaming Whatever the Weather for the whole of April 2020. Mrs Sunshine: Simone Lewis. Mr Rain: Carl Cockram

    Reviewing the arts in lockdown
    'Life is lonelier, but also more thoughtful'

  • Sue Stennett is the great great great great Granddaughter of John Edward Taylor, who founded The Manchester Guardian.

    Peterloo 200 years on
    'My ancestor founded the Guardian. Its work has never been so vital'

  • Compostable wrap design team.

    The potato solution
    How?the Guardian switched to biodegradable packaging

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