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  • Lewis Reeves as Major Charles Ingram, and Rory Bremner as Chris Tarrant in Quiz at Chichester Festival theatre.

    Quiz review – Rory Bremner is an uncanny Chris Tarrant

    A delightfully performed and finely crafted revival of James Graham’s fresh and funny play about the Millionaire cougher case, which critiques the TV industry and trials by media
  • Helen Bauer

    Helen Bauer review – cartoonishly confident comedy

  • Michael Gambon in Krapp's Last Tape at the Duchess theatre in 2010.

    ‘He turned every performance into a masterpiece’
    Readers pay tribute to Michael Gambon

  • ‘I can usually tell when someone is going to freeze’ … Elisabeth Zumpe helps out Wolfram Koch during Apokalypse at Berlin’s Volksbühne.

    Why?is the prompter strolling around the stage? Meet the secret heroes of German theatre

  • Leslie Odom, Jr. in PURLIE VICTORIOUS

    Purlie Victorious review – Ossie Davis play makes triumphant Broadway return

  • ‘I can make a mistake and the world will still turn’ … Langford on stage at the Geilgud.

    ‘I didn’t want to be Bubbly Bonnie Langford for ever’ – the star relives her highs and lows

  • Over bright … Matt Corner and Elena Skye in Close Up: The Twiggy Musical.

    Close-Up: The Twiggy Musical review – Ben Elton’s strange and sentimental snapshot

    With a jarring tone and karaoke hits, this show never truly captures the highs and lows of the star’s life
  • Black Sabbath – The Ballet at Birmingham Hippodrome.

    Black Sabbath: The Ballet review – riveting riffs, endless kisses and flying limbs

  • Pleasingly puzzling … MC Simon Lipkin and an audience member in Unbelievable.

    Unbelievable review – Derren Brown presents an evening of magic by proxy

    • The?Yellow Wallpaper review – Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s story given hi-tech staging

    • Octopolis review – cerebral romcom about two humans and an octopus

    • Beautiful Thing review – 90s teens navigating tough times in a tender-hearted triumph

    • Compositor E review – traumatised typesetter leaves inky fingerprints all over Shakespeare

    • Every Brilliant Thing review – reasons to be cheerful

    • The?week in theatre: Pygmalion; King Stakh’s Wild Hunt; It’s Headed Straight Towards Us – review

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  • Juan Pablo Rodriguez, 29 when photographed, lives in Peru’s capital Lima. He is photographed dancing in front of a pink wall

    Ballet v machismo: the male Latin American dancers challenging old-fashioned ideas of manhood

    From Cuba to Peru and beyond, Santiago Barreiro captures the dancers who have upended their countries’ ideas of masculinity while pursuing their dreams
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  • ‘I don’t puke before every gig any more so in that sense I have grown’ … Esther Manito.

    Esther Manito: ‘I still stand backstage thinking I should have worked in John Lewis’

  • Russell Brand on stage holding a microphone

    ‘There are dozens of Russell Brands’: female comedians say abuse is rife

  • Adrian Edmondson

    Adrian Edmondson: ‘I’ve won more prizes for vegetables than I have for comedy’

  • David Cross

    David Cross: ‘A lot of people in America would think I’m a terrible father because I believe in diversity’

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  • Brilliantly brought out the character’s volatility … Glenda Jackson (King Lear) in King Lear.

    Is?King Lear a mountain or molehill? How to play the tragic monarch and ‘stupid old fart’

  • ‘A tale for our time’ … (from left) Sean Foley, Steve Coogan and Armando Iannucci are bringing Dr Strangelove to the stage.

    Steve Coogan to star in Armando Iannucci’s Dr Strangelove play

  • Aime?e Kelly in Boy Parts.

    Eliza Clark’s BookTok sensation Boy Parts becomes a one-woman show

  • Samantha Morton and Tom Cruise in the 2002 film Minority Report.

    Minority Report drama to feature in Lyric Hammersmith’s spring lineup

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From the archive

  • Michael Gambon interview by Michael Billington - video

    Cast me as a butler with a funny walk
    Michael Gambon interviewed by Michael Billington

    When did Michael Gambon discover that he could act? And what did he learn from working with Olivier, Ayckbourn and Pinter? Michael Billington finds out

Pictures & video

  • Michael Gambon
    His?roles on screen and on stage – video obituary

  • Michael Gambon in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

    Michael Gambon: a life in pictures

    The celebrated actor, as accomplished on stage in Shakespeare as he was on screen at Hogwarts, has died at the age of 82. We look back at his career
  • Alex Austin as Jaques waiting for his cue to go on stage

    As?You Like It at Shakespeare’s Globe

    A glimpse behind the scenes of the predominantly young cast of the London theatre’s gender-bending production of As You Like It, directed by Ellen McDougall. The play runs until 29 October
  • Dimanche from Focus Company and  Chaliwaté Company

    Edinburgh festival: Polar bears, sex robots and ghosts

  • At the age of 24, Eileen was taken to see a performance of the Bodenwieser Ballet. She fell in love with it straight away and has maintained that lifelong romance


    How?life keeps 108-year-old Eileen Kramer dancing

  • Edy the Clown from Mexico interacts with the crowd during a performance

    Circus Extreme: Tightrope to ensure the show goes on

  • UniVerse: A Dark Crystal Odyssey

    Wayne McGregor’s UniVerse: A Dark Crystal Odyssey

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You may have missed

  • James Graham and Alan Bleasdale at the Royal Court theatre in Liverpool.

    ‘The despair is the same’
    Alan Bleasdale and James Graham on Boys from the Blackstuff

  • Rafe Spall in Death of England at the National Theatre, London, in 2020.

    ‘We messed with some heads’
    How?Death of England tackled a torn nation

    Roy Williams
    As his series co-created with Clint Dyer continues at the National Theatre, the playwright revisits how a Guardian microplay about sport led to a panorama of Britain in tumult
  • A scene from Eun-Me Ahn Company's show, Dragons

    Eun-Me Ahn
    ‘We have this image of long hair, good girl, charming wife – wake up!’

    As she brings her new show, Dragons, to the UK, the innovative choreographer discusses shaking off traditional norms and how shaving her head helped her find her own energy
  • Marina Abramovic poses standing on one of her artworks, entitled 'White Dragon', at the Royal Academy.

    Marina Abramovi? has broken a 255-year-old glass ceiling. Why did it take so long?

    Hannah Jane Parkinson
  • Black Sabbath The Ballet Sofia Lin?ares

    Paranoid pirouettes
    Why?Black Sabbath: The Ballet is already a headbanging hit

  • Jasper Blakeley at the Small Space, Barry, south Wales.

    ‘I make the cocktails, then jump on stage and do mind reading’
    Britain’s tiniest theatres

  • Michael Frayn.

    Michael Frayn at 90
    A?miscellany of the satirical columnist’s finest moments

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