5 Common Questions People Have on Integrated Shield Plans in Singapore

Integrated Shield Plans

Singapore has some of the best facilities for medical treatment in the world. However, in order to afford these facilities, you need adequate medical insurance. Your MediShield Life plan is based on the costs of treatment at B2/C wards in public hospitals. If you prefer a different type of ward or a private hospital, it is advisable to complement your health insurance by taking an Integrated Shield Plan to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. 

Even though an Integrated Shield Plan is one of the most common types of insurance plans owned in Singapore, a lot of people still do have a few queries about it. In this article, we will answer 5 common questions Singaporeans generally have about Integrated Shield Plans. 

What are the benefits of having an Integrated Shield Plan?

An Integrated Shield Plan covers treatment in a wide range of private, restructured, and public hospitals across Singapore. The plan also provides for pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses. Policyholders enjoy many other benefits such as lifetime renewability and hassle-free claims. The sum for which you are insured can go as high at S$1.2 million which truly provides room for a lot to be covered as part of your medical care, should the need arise. Furthermore, insurance providers often reward you with lower premiums on your Integrated Shield Plan when you do not make any claims. 

Why do you need an Integrated Shield Plan when you already have MediShield Life coverage?

Your Integrated Shield Plan is essentially an upgrade on your existing health coverage from MediShield Life. Now, your MediShield Life will cover major medical treatments in B2/C wards public hospitals. You may claim MediShield Life for costlier wards but, a larger sum would then need to be paid from your own pocket or MediSave. In this situation, an Integrated Shield Plan can step in to cover the best treatment at any hospital of your choice. And when it comes to medical care, we all deserve the best. 

Am I paying a double premium on my MediShield Life and Integrated Shield Plan?

No, you do not pay a double premium for these two forms of medical coverage. The single premium amount you pay to your private insurer for your Integrated Shield Plan has a portion that goes towards your MediShield Life. 

Is overseas medical treatment covered under an Integrated Shield Plan?

Yes, Integrated Shield Plans cover emergency medical treatment while the policyholder is overseas. However, only a few insurance companies in Singapore allow for planned overseas medical treatment. So, if this is a feature you might want in your health coverage, make sure to select a provider who offers it. 

How is a claim raised with an Integrated Shield Plan?

Generally, you need to simply inform the hospital you will be receiving treatment from. They will coordinate with the insurance company and the bills will be settled directly. 

We hope this article helps clear any queries you might have had on Integrated Shield Plans in Singapore. Do make sure to always have adequate health insurance in place so that you can get the best treatment without worrying about the costs. Take care.