Water-based penis pumps have recently grown in popularity, and Bathmate is presenting an effective solution. The growing popularity of bathmate hydro penis pumps shows that more and more men seek these devices to achieve their sexual performance goals. Bathmate hydro penis pumps are currently the most liked penis pumps globally, and it is easy to see why.

The bathmate penis pumps come in three product lines: bathmate hydro, bathmate hydromax, and bathmate hydroxtreme, the latest in the market with several advancements. The device is user-friendly and comfortable to use, and the manufacturer presents a wide range of products to choose from depending on your individual needs. Also, the distribution aspect of the devices is carried out meticulously, so users are guaranteed confidentiality when ordering their products.

You are probably wondering why bathtime hydro penis pumps are popular. Well, here are some of their key features.

The suction based technology

Bathmate hydro penis pumps use suction-based technology to increase blood flow to the penis, causing instant erections that last longer. Unlike air pumps, the bathmate hydro penis pumps use water, making the experience much comfortable. The pumping motion promotes faster blood flow to the penis resulting in a faster erection, especially for men struggling with erection problems. By improving blood circulation on the penis, the bathtime hydro pump also enhances the penis size following regular use.

They are highly effective.

Bathmate hydro penis pumps are clinically recommended as highly effective products for treating erection problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Plus, they are backed up by scientific studies and thousands of positive reviews from users worldwide. Many users have reported favorable results after using bathmate hydro pumps in terms of penis enlargement and managing erection problems which leads to better sexual performance. The best part is that they provide these benefits without causing any side effects or pain. The bathmate hydro penis pump uses advanced technology to deliver male enhancement effects.

Safety features

The bathmate hydro penis pump works within the prescribed limits to make it safe for a user and avoid any injuries or soreness. They are designed to work for at least half an hour per session, and the product also comes with safety features to prevent injury or misuse. They include emergency release shut-off valves. The water also makes the device comfortable on your skin. Besides, you can use a lubricant to make it more smooth on your penis.

The advantage of a latch valve

Bathmate penis pumps also feature a latch valve which forms a water-tight seal in the pump while using it. That prevents leakage, so you can easily disconnect the pump from the shower without any water leakage, making it easy to use and highly effective.

Discreet shipping 

Another reason why bathmate hydro penis pumps are popular is that they provide discreet packaging and shipping services to their customers. When ordering the device, you don’t have to worry about other people noticing that you bought a penis enlargement product. 


It is easy to see why the bathmate penis pumps are the most popular with so many great features. They are highly effective, comfortable, safe, and easy to use.

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