Beautiful Above-the-Bed Decor Inspiration Ideas

Bed Decor Inspiration Ideas

Are you in search of inspiration to decorate the area above your bed? If yes, then you ought to read this article. 

Using décor accessories on the wall surrounding your bed plays an essential role in highlighting the aesthetics of your bedroom. It lends a finishing touch to your room and conveys to people how you feel and keep your space. The above bed décor infuses style and modern charm in your bedroom while endowing you with opportunities to showcase your personal taste. Thus, if you want to make most of your wall space with décor, given below are the ways to inspire you. 

#1. Create a gallery wall:

 The simplest idea you can implement to adorn your wall above the bed is to hang some artwork, photos, framed prints, or other variety of pictures in different sizes and shapes. You can also opt to use a similar type of pieces in different color shades, textures, and frames to achieve a monochromatic appeal. Creating a wall gallery is a popular way to enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom.

#2. A Single Major Print: 

If you want to keep things simple and minimal, opt for one major print. Pick a print that looks striking and creates a focal point. When choosing a print make sure to consider the length of your bed, the print you choose should be in proportion with the wall and the bed. 

#3. Mirrors: 

If your bedroom is compact this idea can work magic. Hanging different sizes and shape mirrors will take your bedroom décor to next level. Moreover, the illusion created by mirrors will make your room appear bigger. This idea is really amazing as it gives your bedroom an extra edge in terms of both functionality and elegance. 

#4. Sconces: 

Sconces are limited to lighting alone. These are the popular type of light fixtures that are both stylish and functional. Using sconces to spruce up the wall above the bed can work wonders. It can function as a reading lamp and when placed near the artwork, it can help create impact by illuminating the art piece. For a calming effect, use sconces with candles or votives for a soft glow. 

#5. Create an accent wall: 

Another great idea you can consider to add interest to the above bed décor is to use wallpaper or bright paint color. However, be sure that the color and design of wallpaper on the wall you use is in coordination with the rest of the bedroom accessories such as bedsheets and carpets. This will create a pleasing effect that is appealing to the eyes. 

#6. Group wall clocks: 

If you want something timeless, then this idea works great. Clustering different sizes and shapes wall clocks lend a thoughtful décor to your bedroom. For some unique impact, you can use multiple clocks and set them according to different time zones. 

With the beautiful above bed décor ideas, you can easily transform your plain wall into an amazing. These small additions can make a big difference in your bedroom.