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  • Tupac Shakur

    One?of last living witnesses and ex-gang leader indicted in Tupac Shakur murder

  • John Malkovich and Gary Sinise as Lennie and George in the 1992 film adaptation of Of Mice and Men.

    Of?Mice and Men first-draft fragment torn up by Steinbeck’s dog goes to auction

    John Steinbeck’s pet ‘made confetti’ of the manuscript in 1936, but a surviving piece will go on sale alongside personal journals, first editions and a wrought-iron sword owned by the author
  • Mstyslav Chernov photographed while on assignment for Associated Press in Sloviansk

    ‘It felt like the beginning of the third world war … It still does’ – Mstyslav Chernov on 20 Days in Mariupol

    The Pulitzer prize-winning journalist at the heart of the Oscar-tipped documentary describes the weeks he and his team spent in the besieged city – and why they were willing to take the risk
  • ‘It was about explaining that this is not a hit piece. This is not going to be exploitive.’

    ‘These kids were all struggling’
    The?real story behind The Bling Ring

  • Swinton at Venice film festival, 2020.

    Send us your questions for Tilda Swinton

  • Christopher Plummer in a scene from The Sound of Music

    Christopher Plummer’s singing voice included in rerelease of Sound of Music soundtrack

  • JM Coetzee.

    Where to start with: JM Coetzee

Talking points

  • David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan

    The writers’ strike is over
    Is?it OK to get excited about Superman: Legacy now?

    • This golf sim is the best video game ever – I just need to figure out why

      Dominik Diamond
    • The Golden Bachelor
      Is?America ready for an over-60s dating show?

    • The?20 greatest Detroit techno tracks –?ranked!


  • Anne Heltzel.

    ‘Motherhood is a cult, to a degree’: Anne Heltzel on her horror novel about parenthood

  • Werner Herzog

    ‘Everything became a lie, a performance’ – Werner Herzog on Soviet Russia

    • Lauren Groff.

      Lauren Groff: ‘Virginia Woolf’s Flush is delightfully bananas’

    • Vladimir and Véra Nabokov circa 1965.

      Graham Greene was ‘ready to go to jail for Lolita’, says Véra Nabokov’s diary

    • ‘I’ve always felt a lot of pressure to be perfect in some way’ … Hannah Diamond.

      ‘To be a girl is to always be performing’: Hannah Diamond on pink, punk and making the pop album of the year

The big picture

  • Petra is a boxer and dancer

    Fighting stereotypes: the unexpected faces of combat sports – in pictures

    Boxing and martial arts can provide a sanctuary to everyone from bullied kids to Grenfell firefighters. Aneesa Dawoojee captured their fighting spirit


  • Paul Newman

    The?Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man by Paul Newman audiobook – unfiltered Hollywood

  • jars of pickles

    Land of Milk and Honey by C Pam Zhang – food, sex and morality in the end times

    • Saw X Press film still.

      Saw X
      Torture porn horror returns with more blood, less value

    • Moving forward again … Wilco.

      Wilco: Cousin
      A?band rediscovering their experimental side

    • Roxane Gay

      Opinions by Roxanne Gay – the art of argument

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Pictures & video

  • People gather at Summit One Vanderbilt in New York City

    ‘Our world is beautiful’
    Winners of the largest annual photo competition

    The 10 winning images from among 509,612 entries have been announced
  • Rwanda

    ‘It has a price’
    War?photographer Corinne Dufka on capturing conflict

  • Under my umbrella … an image from Perfect Day: Mounir Raji Photographs Tourism

    Bon voyage!
    All?aboard the perfect cruise

    • Fighting stereotypes
      Who?plays combat sports?

    • Under the spotlight
      Jarman award nominees on tour

    • Underground art
      Germany’s hidden trove of cold war paintings

    • Shady moments
      New?York street life

    • How low can you go?
      Cars and Chicano culture

    • ‘Bigger than life’
      Exploring the Democratic Republic of Congo

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