Does Your Salon Need Employee Scheduling Software?

Employee Scheduling Software

If you’re on the fence about whether to get employee scheduling software for your salon, here are some things to consider. Firstly, web-based employee scheduling software is far more than what you might think. If you remember what an old time clock used to look like, this is something entirely different and certainly much more modern. Yes, it will still do the same job that the old clock did, but it will do so very much more than just punch employees in and out. 

Good employee scheduling software is more about integration than just tracking employees. Sure it can still do that too. But with advanced employee scheduling software, you not only know when someone is working but what they’re doing. 

Let’s consider some common issues salons face and how proper time management software can assist. 


Overbooking can be a disaster for a salon, causing it to lose valued, long-term customers. Worse, word of mouth can cause them to lose additional business because of that one dissatisfied customer. 

Proper employee scheduling software can give staff accountability over their bookings – ensuring the exact availability of every stylist. Empowering a stylist to fill their schedule keeps the front line from guessing at their availability. This means no overbookings and your stylist not being put under such pressure that they might make a mistake and cause even further damage to the business. 

Under booking 

Under bookings can be equally damaged, at least to the company’s bottom line. While maybe not as bad as customers standing around doing nothing, having employees with nothing to do will still cost you. It will also cost your employees who might depend on tips. And no company wants to lose good employees over scheduling errors.

An effective employee scheduling tool will make sure you have your employees scheduled to be in when they’re needed, but only when they’re needed. That makes your business more efficient, your staff happier, and your customers much more likely to come back for repeat service. 

Equitable Scheduling Practices 

It is easy for management to focus on the business needs and forget the staffing needs of its team members. Perhaps some can only work particular days, or another staff member can’t be in before a certain time because of their children. Whatever the circumstance, cloud-based employee scheduling software will let you make note of these specific scenarios to ensure they are all remembered. 

Also, using a software to schedule will let you review previous schedules to make sure all staff are being treated equitably. During tight financial times, it can be important that coveted hours are shared responsibly with staff to meet their needs. 

Price Predictions 

A great employee scheduling system will also allow you to make meaningful long-term plans based on costing predictions. Whether it is upgrading your studio, expanding or adding new services, it is vital you understand what costs you are already expecting. Having an automated system tracking hours can greatly enhance your ability to understand your financials before moving forward with your plans. 

The Bottom Line 

The bottom line is that a good salon will survive long-term based on retaining both talented staff and happy customers. Scheduling and time clock software can help a business meet both of those needs.  

For staff, this means fair hours and no wasted time on the floor with no work to do. For customers, it means having their appointment ready for them when they walk in the door because the staff assigned to them is free. 

As a bonus, you’ll find that employee scheduling software integrates well with other software products managing your business. Any company using software to balance their books already will find they save even more time with a scheduling product in place, not to mention the added assurance of having digitally recorded time records. 

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