Here’s Why You Should Install a High-Efficiency AC Unit

High-Efficiency AC Unit

Adding air conditioning is the best upgrade you can do to your home. Air conditioners don’t only come in handy during the hot summer months. Aside from cooling your interior 

spaces, it also filters the air that enters your home, giving you clean and healthy indoor air all year round. 

When installing a new air conditioner in your home, make sure to choose a high-efficiency unit. Here are the top 6 reasons why it’s a smart decision to make.

Long operating life

Compared to low-efficiency AC units, expect a longer operating life with a high-efficiency air conditioner. According to the US Department of Energy, the average lifespan of an AC unit is about 15 to 20 years. Meanwhile, the life expectancy of today’s high-efficiency units is almost double that, alongside routine maintenance and a smart thermostat. 

Quality cooling results

A high-efficiency unit can provide you and your family with better indoor living conditions, especially during the hot summer months. With high SEER, you can expect your AC system to provide more cooling than what you are actually paying for. Additional features like variable speed air handlers and two-stage compressors also allow for even cooling and fewer temperature fluctuations in your home. 

Low energy bills

While a high-efficiency model is going to cost more upfront, it can actually help you save money in the long run. It’s an investment you will never regret making at the end of the day. Today’s modern AC units can produce the same amount of cooling as the traditional units but with 30% to 50% less energy costs. That will surely make a huge difference in your overall household energy consumption. 

Smooth and quiet operation

For better comfort in your home, replace your old air conditioner with the new high-efficiency model we have today. The old models tend to produce noise throughout each cycle, disturbing you while focusing on a task or sleeping. However, proper sizing, positioning, and installation still play a significant role in ensuring the high efficiency of your home’s air conditioning system. 

Increased home value

A high-efficiency air conditioning system is a potential selling point of a residential property. Homebuyers usually look into the HVAC repair or replacement costs to determine whether a property is worth buying or not. Of course, they will prefer a home with a cooling system that is still fully intact and highly functioning. 

More options

When you choose a high-efficiency system, you will have a wide variety of options for every home situation. If you’re having a hard time making a final pick, you can always consult a professional HVAC contractor as to what system best suits your home. But remember, no DIY installation is allowed here. You can best ensure the optimum performance of your AC unit if you hire a pro to install it. 

Talk to a licensed HVAC contractor about upgrading your home’s AC system

For any AC repair, installation, or replacement needs of your home, make sure to consult first with a licensed and experienced HVAC professional. HVAC adjustments in your home is not a simple task you can handle on your own. It requires proper planning and budgeting to make sure your home gets the most benefits. 

When deciding on a new AC installation, the cost may vary depending on your local climate conditions, ductwork conditions, home construction and age, size, and brand of the AC unit, as well as its energy efficiency or SEER. While the initial cost is high, choosing a high-efficiency AC unit will save you a lot of money on energy bills every month. To answer more of your questions about high-efficiency air conditioning systems, connect with a reputable HVAC company today.