How to create a great impression with fashion jewellery?

great impression with jewellery

Whether you care about it or not, you do make an impression whenever you meet someone. In fact, the person you meet sizes you up for the first 40 seconds to make something of your appearance including your attire, makeup, and of course jewellery!

If you are someone who loves beautiful pieces of jewellery and wears them every day, investing in fashion jewellery makes sense. This is because they cost much less than precious metals and stones, are long-lasting, and come in thousands of versatile designs to choose from. 

Here are some fashion jewellery inspirations to make a style statement and a lasting impression:

  • Pick up unique pieces: It is not necessary to wear what’s ‘in’! You should pick up fashion jewellery pieces that stand out from the rest and are unique. These include retro-style earrings, statement nose pins, long ear cuffs, chokers, anklets, or charm bracelets. 
  • Create fun layers: Layers are stylish and they are super fun! You can create layers in almost every piece of jewellery like your necklace, bracelets, earrings, and even rings. Experiment with different lengths, matching colours and metals, textures, and shapes to make interesting combinations.
  • Experiment with colours: It is not necessary that your jewellery has to be of a single tone. Fashion jewellery is available in endless choices of colours and allows you to experiment with bold and contrasting colours. You can pick up pieces with contrasting imitation stones and metal colours. Choose from intense colours like reds and violets or go for pastels like peach, pink, and lime. Or try colour blocks of black and white or black and gold.
  • Try body jewellery: Besides adorning in the usual way, try using fashion jewellery to give yourself an edgy look. Use pieces that are extraordinary and distinct like belly buttons, cuff earrings, nose rings, septum rings, midi rings, etc. you can also experiment with hairpins and anklets. With designers experimenting so much these days, these pieces are easily available.
  • Mix the metals: For a fun bohemian look, try combining metals in different hues to create stunning multi-coloured styles. There is no limit to creativity in these combinations. For example, combine chunky temple gold bangles with the traditional dangling gold coins with brass finger rings. Or if you have multiple ear piercings, mix up silver and rose gold studs. Gold chains can be alternated with copper chains of varying lengths to create a beautiful depth effect. Since precious metals are a considerable investment, it’s best to check the current gold rate before you make a purchase. 
  • Complement your clothing: While you should be experimental, you should also know how to complement your clothing best with the fashion jewellery that you choose. For example, a handful of brass bangles may not exactly go well during a job interview, and chokers and chunky earrings might look out of place on a day out with your friends. The best way to complement both these is to know where you are going. Knowing the setting and ambience in advance will help you get the combination right.
  • Try fusion: Since the rules about appearances are much more relaxed now with people accepting unique styles, this is the best time to experiment with counterculture outfits and jewellery. This means that you combine the ethnic with the contemporary for a quirky style statement. Some super fun examples of this are combining the little black dress with Kundan earrings. Or mix up a kurta with cuff earrings and midi rings to get that kitschy edge. 

Remember, style is personal, and styling yourself should be fun and not dictated by rules. At the end of the day, it is how you choose to appear.