How To Get The Most of Home Appliances

Home Appliances

When you have been decorating your new house, you must be excited about the new home appliances or the old ones that you are bringing along too! Once they are in the new house and you get to start using them, you need to start maintaining them too. 

Here are a few ways where you can maintain your home appliances like the refrigerator, the washing machine, and the oven. Maintaining home appliances will keep you away from the expenses of appliance repair services.

For the refrigerators:

Always remember that the refrigerators need to be at a constant temperature of 34-42 degrees Fahrenheit inside the fridge so that the food is kept fresh. If this temperature is not maintained, then you need to call appliance repair services to figure out the problem. 

You can keep a temperature sensor to understand the temperature change. Then, you will understand immediately if you have to get to repair the appliance or not. 

Next, always wait for the food to cool down before you put it inside the refrigerator. Never put any kind of hot beverage or food inside the refrigerator. Try bringing it to the room temperature, and then only you can put it inside. 

If at all your fridge is getting overloaded, do not keep the door open. Try to keep the door closed as much as you can and if not it might affect the performance.

Clean the condenser coils once every three months. Having dust over there might affect the performance of the fridge that is why you can vacuum the condenser coils.

For the washing machines:

When you are doing laundry regularly, you can always run an empty cycle at the last just to wash off the drum. You need to be certain to use a good quality machine cleaner at your home so that you can clean the whole washer. If you have the same machine for the washer and dryer, make sure to take care of the dryer too. 

In order to make sure that the machine is running smoothly, do not forget to leave the lid open so that the smells and the dampness go away. If the moisture is locked inside the drum, it can lead to molds and mildew. Hence, do not forget to leave the lid of the machine open to help the moisture evaporate. 

If you have noticed that a stain or a spill has occurred, you can quickly wipe it away with just some damp cloth immediately. Do not wait for the weekend to do this as it might affect the functioning of the whole machine. 

Keep away any liquids that can spill on the control buttons and if it happens, they can prove to be harmful to the washing machine. 

Wipe the drum in the machine once in a month so that you can get rid of the dirt and dust. If you are doing it on the inside, keep it clean on the outside too. Clean the outer area of the washer whenever possible. 

For the Microwave Ovens

Do not use any kind of plastic to heat your food in the oven. It is going to melt and make your food toxic. Thus, only use microwave-friendly dishes to heat your food. 

Do not operate the microwave when it is empty. This might be harmful to the inside constituents of the oven because they can melt themselves in that heat. So keep your microwave active only when you have something to bake or you need to heat it. 

Do not operate the microwave when there is no food inside because the steam which is emitted is not healthy for our bodies at all. It contains radiation and it can be dangerous. 

If the food spills or there is cheese spillage, do clean the microwave immediately before it dries out. Always use a small cotton cloth to clean your home appliances.


The above-mentioned tips can help you to maintain your home appliances for years to come. It can save you money in the long run and you would not have any trouble using them. If at all there is any problem, we suggest you take the help of the appliance repair service.