Lesser-Known Precious Hair Jewellery Accessories

Hair Jewellery

Art of adornment has always something to offer given any generation, age, and time. We all call fashion timeless, but with time it withers off. Some styles make a comeback while some are lost into the attics of time. Here are those Jewellery pieces that have little relevance in the current day but have been always been timeless in style.

Champaswaralu: A very traditional adornment that comes in delicate sinuous gold chains that attach from earrings to the back of the hair. The Champaswaralu can be easily attached to any Jhumka earring design or gold hangings or any other gold ring design at the back. They come in a set of 4-6 gold string strands with beautiful charms added to them. These days they find their relevance only during weddings and other important functions such as house warming ceremonies, family celebrations etc. 

Gold Flower: Another traditional Jewellery item that is totally lost in the shackles of time is a gold flower that comes with a bobby pin at the back to secure to the hair. They are no longer sold at retail Jewellery stores unless custom made. There are plenty of designs in artificial Jewellery but a pure gold flower should be made-to-order only nowadays. 

Gold/Silver Hair Flowers

Suryudu Chandrudu: Another ultra conventional hair adornment is the pair suryudu chandrudu. They borrow their name from the design- one being in the form of the sun while the other as the moon. They are adorned on either side of the hair as an accessory. They come with a hairpin at the back to secure them tight to the hair. There can be a number of designs but the outline of sun and moon remains constant in them.

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Nagaram: The Nagram is a rare sight these days. It is an oversized gold mudrika with a clip at the back to secure it to the hair. There are a number of designs that come in this Nagaram. The basic Nagaram, however, consist of a hooded snake model at the centre surrounded by stone studded designs such as floral or abstract stone arrangement. 

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The Nagaram was once a popular hair accessory, nowadays the name remained the same with design variations. You can find Lakshmi Nagaram, Peacock Nagaram, Nallapusalu, etc. 

Gold Bun Jewellery: An item that dates back to the Maharani’s era is the gold bun, eloquent in design the gold hair bun is an elaborate ornament used to decorate the hair when it is neatly pulled back to form a thick bun. This sometimes looks like a gold net with a very minute detailing. This particular hair accessory is rarely found to be in use unless ordered by anyone. You can also find a range of these items in gold plated or in 1gm gold.

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Gold Ambada: Gold Ambadas are a common sight in rural India especially in the state of Maharashtra. They come in design populated U-shape bend with a bobby pin the middle to secure them to the hair. The Ambadas come in varying designs and tassels. The tassels can be a bunch of pearls or Jhumkis or gold thread tassel or simple gungroos on either side.

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