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  • Saturday Guardian<br>Saturday magazine Interior feature - Emily Dobbs-Interior designer - photographed in her home in London.

    Dramatic flair: how a West End producer brought a theatrical home to life

  • Calathea ‘Triostar’ (Stromanthe sanguinea ‘Triostar’)

    Houseplant of the week: calathea triostar

    This tropical beauty will thrive in a warm, bright spot with high humidity
  • Items from author Patrick Mauriès’ collection of books, paintings and objets d’art featured in the book Collections Extraodinaires

    Design news: the art of collecting, climate apartheid and recycled vapes

    Art inspired by the global south, a book of French style and honouring a New York feminist printer
  • Kelly Eng and her partner in their apartment

    I?knew moving and renovating while parenting would be hard. It was

  • Joa Studholme - 3yr BTL - MUST CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHER:  Kensington Leverne

    Making a splash: the paint guru who wants us to fall in love with colour

  • Bespoke floral wallpaper by Graphic Rewilding.

    Bloomcore: the floral homeware trend taking root in our living rooms

  • The kitchen has a bank of cabinets inspired by pen and ink drawings of mid-century architecture.

    How?we gave our Victorian Merseyside semi a mid-century makeover

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  • Branches of Bramley apple tree.

    How?can it be legal to chop down trees?

    Letters: Cath Attlee and Nancy Clarke are both suffering from what Damien Gayle calls ‘solastalgia’ after their gardens were torn apart by others
  • A dog on a dry lawn by a tree

    ‘The dog’s very happy’: water-conscious Swedish islanders compete for ugliest lawn title

  • Potted basil can be moved inside over the winter.

    A?little work now will mean a festival of produce to harvest over winter

    • ‘I call it botanarchy’: The Hackney guerrilla gardener bringing power to the people

    • Silent Sundays: should we swap our lawnmowers, leaf blowers and power tools for peace?

    • As?autumn arrives, it’s good to take stock of a wondrous year on the plot

    • After a long, hot summer, the apple tree is laden with fruit

    • Who?doesn’t love sweet peas? Sow them in early autumn for best results

    • Plagued by moles? Try a pickled onion

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Pictures & video

  • For Charleston feature: Get the look: Aug 12, 2023.

    Get?the Charleston look: how to give your home a Bloomsbury makeover

    You don’t need a country pile to recreate the vibrantly decorated aesthetic of the famous house – check out these homewards offering the same freewheeling vibe
  • Nancy and Spencer Hunt at their home in Santa Monica. “It took me six years to love Los Angeles, to get past my east coast bias,” says Spencer. “LA is a rhythm that is easy to embrace, from neighbourhoods that are rediscovered, waves of traffic you learn to avoid, and people coming and going.” All photographs: Sally Davies

    ‘There’s an Elvis room and a Barbie room and a Disney room’: inside California’s quirkiest homes

  • Four women take a selfie together, each wearing a huge flower hat

    RHS?Chelsea flower show 2023 and its visitors – in pictures

  • ‘Hit the North’ real cork wallpaper by The Monkey Puzzle Tree

    Cork homeware – in pictures

  • Sustainable homes finalists in Australia's Houses Awards. Nightingale Leftfield by Kennedy Nolan

    From a 30sqm house to a slice of urban parkland: Australia’s most sustainable homes of 2023 – in pictures

  • Dopamine bright interiors

    Sunshine shades: 12 ways to brighten up your home - in pictures

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