Make Your Kitchen Stand Out With These Paint Ideas


A kitchen is a place where at least one member of the family spends hours on a daily basis, without a miss. And yet it is one of the most ignored parts of homes. Not just that, a dull kitchen emits a dull vibe. And no one wants that. 

To make sure that your kitchen shines just like every other room of your home, you have to put some thought into it. Here’s a list of some paint ideas that you will make your kitchen stand out:

1. Olive Green, and Warm White

The best mix of colors is picked from nature. You can choose warm white for the base and olive green to make a beautiful contrast. For more depth, you can add the tones of natural wood. 

2. Leather Brown, Navy Blue, and White

It is a general piece of advice that you should not use dark colors in a small kitchen. But only experimentation can bring out the best. Make a contrast with navy blue and bright white. To add warmth, you can paint your wood countertops leather brown. 

3. Yellow, White, and Blue

Now comes the turn of bright colors. Paint your walls and cabinets with a crispy white color and then add some layers of blue and yellow by painting barstools and dishware. The combination of these three colors will make your kitchen appear roomy.

4. Natural Wood, White, and Off White

If you are a person who does not prefer bold colors, this mix is a perfect match for you. Make a palette with white on off-white. This palette will create the illusion of a large kitchen. You can choose various variants of white such as buttery white, crisp white, and gray-toned white. Paint your cabinets with natural wood to balance the white surfaces.

5. Gray, Stainless Steel, and Scarlet

The vibrant scarlet will stimulate fun and appetite in your kitchen. Combine it with gray tones to make your kitchen look sleek. Paint the elements which are light reflective like fixtures and countertops with stainless steel color. 

6. Black, Yellow, and White

Yellow is a very cheerful color that feels warm both on days and nights. You can paint your walls yellow and cabinets white or you can paint your walls white and cabinets yellow. Paint the countertops with black to add hues.

Things To Remember When Painting Kitchen

After choosing the perfect mix of colors, you have to do the real job – painting. Keep the following in mind before you start painting.

  • There are many types of paint. Oil paint is shiny and resistant to water while latex paint is easy to paint and dries quickly. Choose the type of paint wisely.
  • Make sure you use only high-quality paint. Check the price of paint online and you will find that Berger paints price will not affect your budget at all. 
  • Do not forget to remove hardware, doors, drawer fronts, etc., before painting.
  • Use rosin paper to protect countertops.

Final Words

A well-painted kitchen not only looks good but it also appears more spacious and is easy to work with. Usually, kitchens are small and hence take only a little effort to get painted. If you think that from choosing the right color to actually removing hardware, applying coats is overwhelming you, you can take the help of professional painters. Aapka Painter has a dedicated team of painters who gives you the real value of distemper price and other costs. If you have any questions about costs or process, gives them a call.