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  • Nihiloxica.

    ‘Difficult, time-consuming and painful’
    Nihiloxica on the ‘hell’ of touring the UK

  • ‘I’ve always felt a lot of pressure to be perfect in some way’ … Hannah Diamond.

    ‘To be a girl is to always be performing’
    Hannah Diamond on pink, punk and making the pop album of the year

    As part of the PC Music collective, the singer and visual artist has helped shape today’s pop – even if she’s never had a hit herself. She explains how she learned to love her vision of exaggerated femininity
  • Mind-numbingly banal … Ed Sheeran.

    Ed Sheeran: Autumn Variations review
    As?flat and dull as a grey sky

    Plodding, genre-hopping songs all end up as unimaginative ballads, their dreary lyrics littered with gibberish – though Sheeran’s hooks remain strong on his second album this year
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  • ‘The crowd goes crazy’ … Jantra performing in Dargoog, Sudan.

    ‘People have weapons, but it’s to celebrate!’
    Jantra, the Sudanese keyboardist making wild party music

  • Beverley and Cynthia Knight in 2023

    Beverley and Cynthia Knight look back
    My?sister beats Beyoncé any day!

  • Corinne Bailey Rae

    Corinne Bailey Rae
    If?I could I’d clone my mum – she’s a combination of Mary Poppins and Angela Davis

  • Blonde Redhead

    ‘The hate and contempt are as strong as the love’
    Alt?band Blonde Redhead on their twisted bond

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  • Moving forward again … Wilco.

    Alexis Petridis's album of the week
    Wilco: Cousin – a band rediscovering their experimental side

  • Cleo Sol lying on a bed looking up at the camera.

    Cleo Sol
    Heaven – soulful succour from the Sault singer

    • Yeule
      Softscars – digital dreampopper gets loud

    • Corinne Bailey Rae
      Black Rainbows – an extraordinary new sound

    • Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary
      So?Far We Have Come – an Anglo-Egyptian meeting of minds

    • Alexis Petridis's album of the week
      Doja Cat: Scarlet – globe-conquering star comes out swinging at the stans

    • Kylie Minogue
      Tension – Padam was just for starters…

    • Contemporary album of the month
      Tomas Fujiwara: Pith – incredibly detailed pieces go far beyond jazz

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  • PJ Harvey at Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow.

    PJ Harvey
    Haunting journey into a fantastical Dorset world

  • Relishing every twist and turn … Raye at the Royal Albert Hall.

    A?triumphant act of independence and naked ambition

    • Black Sabbath – The Ballet at Birmingham Hippodrome.

      Black Sabbath: The Ballet
      Riveting riffs, endless kisses and flying limbs

    • Here at last … Joe Hisaishi at Ovo Arena Wembley.

      Joe Hisaishi
      Expertly conjuring the Studio Ghibli spirit

    • Hearing Nash, Fontayne and Caldwell sing together is like bathing in sunshine … Graham Nash on his current tour.

      Graham Nash
      The?lyrics are iffy, but the melodies remain magic

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  • Sola

    One to watch

    • The Rolling Stones: Angry
      Jagger’s a hoot in strutting, barnstorming return

    • Phil Wang’s honest playlist
      Touch by Little Mix might be the greatest pop song of the 21st century

    • One to watch

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  • Lorde: ‘It’s my joy to be patient zero on a harmony virus.’

    I’m not a climate activist. I’m a pop star

    As Lorde's debut album Pure Heroine turns 10, revisit our interview with the New Zealand musician on the cusp of her underrated third album, Solar Power
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  • Zhema and Angel of Vulcano.

    ‘Our drummer used human tibia bones’
    The?hellish birth of Brazil’s heavy metal scene

  • black and white photo of a bearded man

    ‘His work seems endless’
    Music stars pay tribute to the incredible life of Moondog

    The eccentric musician, dressed like a Viking playing songs on the streets of New York, is being celebrated by names such as Rufus Wainwright and Jarvis Cocker on a new album
  • The Hulme Crescents estate in the late 1980s.

    ‘It was like Blade Runner meets Berlin rave’
    The?Manchester sink estate with the UK’s wildest nightclub

    Hulme Crescents was Europe’s biggest housing estate, and soon deemed its worst. But a vibrant squatter community moved in – along with Mick Hucknall – to make a countercultural mecca
  • Tupac Shakur

    ‘I wanted answers’
    The?amazing TV homage to Tupac – by the man who got him locked up

  • Prisoners at Parchman Farm march to work on cotton fields in December 1939.

    ‘It’s a charged place’
    Parchman Farm, the Mississippi prison with a remarkable musical history

  • Man sitting in a tiny shop crowded with a TV and cassette players and music cassettes on shelves lining the walls.

    ‘The love for music is still there’
    Saving the sounds of Afghanistan one cassette at a time

  • Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner in 1970.

    It’s an open secret the music industry is sexist and racist – Jann Wenner just let it slip

    Craig Seymour
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