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Latest cartoons

  • Government's levelling up plans/Getting fried food delivered

    Levelling up and fried food deliveries: Edith Pritchett’s week in Venn diagrams

  • ChristmasGiftGuide2023pixie

    Yuletide mayhem! It’s First Dog on the Moon’s cost of living Christmas gift guide

    It is OK to get people nothing – but if you must get something…
  • 303 time is treasure

    Simone Lia: Time is treasure – cartoon

    I can’t wrestle right now as I’m on the verge of having an idea…
  • A book having its fortune told

    Tom?Gauld on a trip to the literary fortune-teller –?cartoon

  • Newts

    An?aquatic chugger spots me – Edith Pritchett on Millennial Life

  • Stephen Collins cartoon on organised friends at Christmas

    ‘I did all my shopping in October’: the smug Christmas friend – Stephen Collins cartoon

  • David Squires on... the state of A-League pitches

    David Squires on … grounds for concern about Australia’s football infrastructure

Opinion cartoons

  • OPINION CARTOON Lou McKeever 11/12.12.23

    Rishi Sunak gives evidence at the Covid-19 inquiry – cartoon

    The PM defends ‘eat out to help out’ and answers questions about about being chancellor during the pandemic
  • Cartoon 11.12.23

    Ella Baron on Rishi Sunak’s evidence to the Covid inquiry – cartoon

  • Cartoon, 08.12.2023

    Martin Rowson on the Titanic struggles of the Tories’ migration strategy – cartoon

  • Cartoon 8.12.23

    Ben?Jennings on Rishi Sunak’s priorities – cartoon

  • Cartoon 07.12.23

    Ella Baron on Boris Johnson’s evidence to the Covid-19 inquiry – cartoon

  • Cartoon 06.12.23

    Martin Rowson on James Cleverly’s Rwanda deportation plan – cartoon

  • WordOfTheYear2023Part2ppixie

    Pobblebonk! Tatterdemalion! It’s Guardian readers’ word of the year

  • Cop28pixie

    Cop28! No prizes for guessing how it is turning out

  • Word Of The Year 2023 pixie

    Words! Everyone has a favourite and here are some of mine

  • TheKidsAreAlright2023pizie

    Kids are rallying in the streets for justice like tiny juvenile firebrands! What is going on?

  • Cartoon 12.10.23

    Sarah Akinterinwa on Keir Starmer – cartoon

  • Cartoon 14.09.23

    Sarah Akinterinwa on Keir Starmer’s new approach to asylum seekers – cartoon

  • Sarah Akinterinwa cartoon 18 August 2023.

    Sarah Akinterinwa on Rishi Sunak and doctors’ pay – cartoon

  • Sarah Akinterinwa cartoon 15.7.23

    Sarah Akinterinwa on Rishi Sunak and striking doctors – cartoon

  • Ella Baron on Jeremy Hunt’s spending plans – cartoon

    Ella Baron on Jeremy Hunt’s spending plans – cartoon

  • Cartoon 11.11.23

    Ella Baron on the policing of the protest march on Armistice Day – cartoon

  • cartoon 9.11.23

    Rishi Sunak’s time is up by Ella Baron – cartoon

  • Cartoon 06.11.23

    Ella Baron on social media and the war in Gaza – cartoon

  • Hi Rishi. Hi Dave

    The?making of Lord Dave’s Christmas card – the Stephen Collins cartoon

  • Badger and woods, Stephen Collins

    Go?for a walk in the woods. But make it premium – the Stephen Collins cartoon

  • Stephen Collins cartoon on dads using the word 'Bro'

    And?now for some disturbing dad news – the Stephen Collins cartoon

  • Stephen Collins cartoon on smartphones

    When even your phone knows you’re boring: the Stephen Collins cartoon

  • TG books106 tiny
Tom Gauld

    Tom?Gauld attempts to visit the exceedingly tiny bookshop – cartoon

  • A man on a couch and another behind him with a megaphone

    Tom?Gauld on the therapy session – cartoon

  • TGbooks104chair

    Tom?Gauld devises the perfect reader’s chair – cartoon

  • A man in a raincoat and trilby lit by a street light

    Tom?Gauld on the crime novel cover model’s week – cartoon

  • Compilation of cartoons from 2023

    Best Guardian and Observer Cartoons of 2023 – own a fine art print

  • Cartoon 28.11.2023

    Ben?Jennings on the ceasefire in Gaza – cartoon

  • Cartoon 24.11.23

    Ben?Jennings on Rishi Sunak looking ahead to the next election – cartoon

  • Cartoon 23.11.23

    Ben?Jennings on Jeremy Hunt’s autumn statement – cartoon

  • Cartoon 27/11/23

    Nicola Jennings on James Cleverly – cartoon

  • Cartoon 22.11.2023

    Nicola Jennings on hopes for a truce in Gaza –?cartoon

  • Illustration by Nicola Jennings

    Nicola Jennings on Macron’s Gaza ceasefire call – cartoon

  • Nicola Jennings cartoon, 30/10/23: Rishi Sunak counts down the days to the election on his jail cell wall

    Nicola Jennings on Rishi Sunak’s election countdown – cartoon

  • 231209 Gaza Safety thumbnail

    Gaza: where do you go when nowhere is safe?

  • 231105 Christmas thumbnail

    Labor’s gift that keeps on giving – to Peter Dutton!

  • 231125 Right wing demagogue thumbnail

    Think you’ve got the right stuff for a career in politics?

  • 231123 Aquatic Centre thumbnail

    An?overfunded private school unveils its latest purchase

  • 302 conspiracy theory

    Simone Lia: Conspiracy theory – cartoon

  • 301 adult

    Simone Lia: Adult – cartoon

  • 300 Ubunto

    Simone Lia: Ubuntu – cartoon

  • 299 Philosphical question

    Simone Lia: Philosophical question – cartoon

  • The autumn statement/Eating your entire advent calendar straight away

    The?autumn statement and advent calendars: Edith Pritchett’s week in Venn diagrams – cartoon

  • Cards2

    The?genres of birthday cards – Edith Pritchett cartoon

  • David Cameron's return/Developing adult acne

    David Cameron and adult acne: Edith Pritchett’s week in Venn diagrams – cartoon

  • Laptop3

    ‘My diagnosis is: get a new one’ – Edith Pritchett takes her laptop to be repaired – cartoon

  • Chris Riddell illustration of zombie Tory government

    Rishi Sunak’s zombie government tries to stop the boats – cartoon

  • Chris Riddell Cop28 illustration

    Cop28 dithers while the world burns – cartoon

  • Chris Riddell illustration

    The?zombie Tory government staggers on – cartoon

  • Chris Riddell illustration of Suella Braverman

    Suella Braverman and Rishi Sunak play hide and seek – cartoon

  • Cartoon 29.11.23

    Martin Rowson on the Parthenon marbles – cartoon

  • Cartoon 25.11.23

    Martin Rowson on hopes for peace in Gaza – cartoon

  • GraunVallanceDiary

    Martin Rowson on Patrick Vallance’s appearance at the Covid inquiry – cartoon

  • Martin Rowson on a difficult week for Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer – cartoon

    Martin Rowson on a difficult week for Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer – cartoon

  • Terry Venables

    David Squires on … Terry Venables doing it his way

  • David Squires on … the ultimate fantasy football stadium in 50 favourite bits

    David Squires on … the ultimate fantasy football stadium in 50 favourite bits

  • Eternal Sunshine of the Sport-less mind

    David Squires on … Eternal Sunshine of the Sportless Mind

  • David Squires

    David Squires on … Mikel Arteta and Arsenal’s reaction to defeat at Newcastle

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