Top 5 Jobs You Can Get After Acquiring Cisco Certifications (Salary, Skills)


In today’s work environment, finding a job in information technology can be difficult, especially when you enter the workplace or especially in the field. However, with some experience and the right certifications, there are more jobs and additional financial incentives. When thinking about investing in the future, it is always important how the investment will benefit the individual/organization that does it. It’s the same with those looking for training for a particular career. The field of information technology is wide and there are many different areas of specialization. The right Cisco training is very important because it is the basis for building a career.

Jobs after Acquiring Cisco Certifications

Network Engineer

From setting up networks to hosting them, network engineers still have a lot of work to do. It should also combine different technologies to certify that the network works well plus without problems. Also, Cisco-certified network engineers are highly regarded in every organization. The average salary of a network engineer in the United States is about $ 148,708.

Technical Support Engineer

The task of technical-support researchers is to study and analyze different types of technical problems. They have detailed knowledge of different ways to solve problems. Also, they have the expertise to provide technical support to organizations. These ISPs use remote access to solve technical problems. Technical support engineers with a name like Cisco are likely to be paid better. The average salary for this online business in the United States can range from $ 30,500 to $ 102,000.

Network Administrator

Unlike general disbelief, the role of an administrator is different from the role of a system administrator. The main responsibilities of a network administrator are LAN/WAN, setting up internal networks and providing support. They are also responsible for networking and software. There are many other networking projects they are working on. From network management to administration, many skills are required to become a network administrator. The average annual network administrator in the United States can range from $ 33,500 to $ 99,500.

Systems Engineer

This is another place where Cisco certifications are used in the information technology sector. A system engineer is a professional who must have basic network skills to perform various tasks, such as installing and maintaining various systems, managing installed systems, working with developers to solve various problems, and ensuring safety and security. You should be familiar with network management, Windows NT/XP/7 networks, and Cisco networks. On average, a system technician can earn $ 105,326 in the United States.

Network Security-Associate

As a contact-level certification, Cisco routing and switching certification can help you build a career in network security, one of the most complex and challenging formats in the field. The main responsibility of the network is to monitor the operation of various security settings in the organization. They are also responsible for identifying security risks as well as assessing and mitigating those risks. Basic network security skills are system wall, configuring, routing and modifying security, and knowledge of IPS/IDS basic data. While many factors can affect pay for a particular job, network security companies earn a total of about $ 63,465 a year.

Professional Benefits for Cisco Certified Professionals

There are various Cisco training units that a candidate can choose from. However, Cisco is a certificate that serves as access to other more complex certification programs. Also, there are a great number of other professional benefits that network professionals derive from Cisco training. 

Very Acceptable

Cisco is a popular name in the field of information technology. It is recognizable in the world not only for the wide platform it offers but also for the amazing features that have made business easier. Therefore, all those who are trained and certified to use this platform and its features will receive the same attention. Cisco training helps candidates gain recognition. Once you receive the certificate, you can put it in your resume and check the technical skills you need to work with complex web models. It will also help you improve your chances of building Cisco networks. As the industry is constantly evolving, the certificate is only valid for three years, which means you need to have the best opportunities and take advantage of the most during that time.


With Cisco certification under your belt, employees believe you are an expert in the field and have a clear understanding of Cisco networking concepts and methodologies. Learning is important in this area. IT is growing rapidly and remains important to the industry; it is also important to improve your knowledge and skills. Also, she must play a role in winning the competition. Certification is a necessary additional opportunity, but also your experience of following the development of technology and continuous learning.

Prerequisite for Future Certificates

Most Cisco professional and specialized certifications require CCNA as a prerequisite. You can select other Cisco certifications only if you are CCNA certified. If you want to complete the entire Cisco application, it’s important to plan your steps wisely. It is important to enter another Cisco certificate if you have a valid CCNA certificate. So don’t waste time taking this opportunity.

Better Salaries and Benefits

If you are thinking about a bigger job and are looking forward to the assessment soon, this will be your chance for success. Good timing is also very important for Cisco certification. Cisco is a success that shines in your resume. Your employer doesn’t notice anything so important. Be prepared for witness exchange and better employment opportunities in this field.

Career Boost

Simply put, it’s easier for an employee to climb the ladder to succeed faster than other IT professionals if you have an additional certificate. By becoming a Cisco certified professional, you can currently offer the career you are looking for.

Worldwide Recognition

In addition to the Cisco platform, these Cisco certifications are recognized worldwide. This allows Internet professionals to agree on a higher salary range if they are approved by the Cisco. As the market adapts to the growing needs of information technology, potential network professionals have a great number of incredible job opportunities. The certificate allows the candidate to apply the knowledge and skills to study different network units, which will give new impetus to their careers.

Cisco Certs – Salary as well as Skills 

Test your skills – It’s hard to pass Cisco certification exams, and everyone gets that certification. Only candidates with extensive network knowledge and useful real-time technology can pass this certification. That’s why running a Cisco management and exchange course recognizes your network skills and puts you at the forefront of hundreds of network service providers. You may be surprised to know that even newer Cisco candidates offer a good salary. Cisco certifications are the highest paid IT analytics in the world. Once you pass this certificate, you can easily start your career with a fairly high salary. If you are already looking for a job, you can expect a good salary increase.