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  • Young Palestinians<br>Two young Palestinians look out over East Jerusalem, wearing kaffiyehs to mask their faces, like many stone throwers during the Intifada, in 1988. (Photo by Peter Turnley/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images)

    From Yasser Arafat to Madonna: how the Palestinian keffiyeh became a global symbol

  • Untitled Artwork (11)

    Secondhand gifts and DIY decor: seven ways to make your holidays a little greener

    Avoiding plastic and food waste can be difficult during the festivities. Experts share how to mix sustainability and revelry
  • An Ottolenghi salad with the maligned herb mint

    Crossword roundup: jacks and herbs and an ex-home secretary

    Fun poker trivia, plus a selection of your own botanical clues and some witty wordplay for opera fans in our pick of the best of the broadsheets
  • Lesley Fletcher

    Visiting Mum in her nursing home was a shock at first. I didn’t expect it to become a joy

    Mark Fletcher
  • Zoe Williams

    Why?are the Tories intent on ruining Christmas?

    Zoe Williams
  • Three way composite of: Kyle Archie Knight, Felicity Brand and Dewi Cooke wearing their shirts, for L&amp;S piece

    Serving the tee: fashion workers on where they found their favourite T-shirts

  • Peeled potatoes on a cutting board

    The?poor rejected spud: why potatoes don’t belong with the other vegetables

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  • Maria Rosaria Rizzo wears a beige long wool belted coat, a white sheep fur puffy handbag, a white Chanel shopping bag in February 2023 in Paris.

    ‘Makes you feel special’: how paper bags became designer accessories in their own right

    The paper shopping bags of high-end fashion labels have become on-trend items for everything from ferrying lunches to appearing in TikTok backgrounds
  • A model walks down the catwalk of Thomas Street

    ‘Good for Chanel and good for Manchester’: Fashion show delights city’s luminaries


    Flip the focal point of your look with the Personality Trouser

  • Boozy, velvety or salty? ‘Tis the season to splash out on a new fragrance

  • Chanel pairs up with Manchester for tweedy catwalk show

  • The?zero-waste wardrobe: five writers try sustainable fashion fixes

  • Valentino and Sam Smith lauded at Fashion Awards in London

  • Crowning glory: British GP wins Mulletfest competition

  • Male, pale and out of step: why fashion houses have such a problem with diversity

  • kleine scheidegg skifahren kinder eiger moench winter

    A?Swiss ski resort that doesn’t cost the earth? Welcome to Interlaken

  • Nyhavn and Winter<br>Sunny winter day in winter, Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Christmas in Copenhagen: a Scandi winter wonderland

  • The Bernina Express on the Landwasser viaduct in Switzerland.

    From Transylvania to Santa’s village: eight of Europe’s best winter train journeys

  • A conductor stands in front of a Nightjet train on a platforma

    Europe’s geography ‘kind of reshaped’ as Paris-Berlin night train returns

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  • Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake
Nigel Slater
Observer Food Monthly
OFM December 2023

    Pork terrine, apricot stollen, chocolate mousse – Nigel Slater recipes to give as Christmas gifts

  • Rachel Roddy’s s’aranzada, or candied orange and almond treats.

    A?Christmas gift from Sardinia: Rachel Roddy’s recipe for candied orange and almond balls, or s’aranzada

  • OM Nigel Potatoes Cream Mushrooms

    Nigel Slater’s recipes for potato and mushroom gratin, and mincemeat slices

  • Meera Sodha’s fridge pickes, or giardiniera, courtesy of Nonna Giusy.

    A?vegan Christmas stocking filler: Meera Sodha’s recipe for giardiniera, or Italian pickles

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  • Meta plans to give European Facebook and Instagram users the option of paying for ad-free versions of the platforms in an attempt to comply with EU data privacy rules.

    Is?Meta’s ad-free service just another way to make people pay for privacy?

  • A festive mobile phone screen template for Christmas and New Year advertisement

    The?12 best apps for Christmas – from what to cook to tracking Santa

    Let technology lend a hand this year, whether it’s sourcing presents, balancing the books or providing new ideas for recipes and cocktails
  • A striking union member outside Tesla’s service centre in Segeltorp, Sweden

    ‘We can’t let Tesla get away with this’: why Swedish unions are fighting Elon Musk

    Billionaire is against the labour movement, and workers believe their country’s traditions are under threat


    • Rob O'Byrne

      Experience: I crowdsurfed to the stage in my wheelchair at a Coldplay gig – and played harmonica with Chris Martin

    • Illustration of car on a road trip

      This column will change your life
      Oliver Burkeman's last column: the eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life

    • ‘There’s no one I’m listening to as much as American singer-songwriter SZA.’

      The crush
      Why?I love… SZA

    • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at an awards ceremony in central London this month

      Eco-chic and trouser suits: how Meghan Markle’s style reads the room

    • A letter to ...
      A?letter to… my alcoholic husband, in lockdown

    • What I'm really thinking
      What I’m really thinking: the secret smoker

    • Is it worth it?
      Is?it worth hiking? Exercise review

    • Sali Hughes on beauty
      Boozy, velvety or salty? ‘Tis the season to splash out on a new fragrance


    • A young man is removing his wedding ring a concept of relationship difficulties<br>A close-up view of a young man's hands removing his wedding ring a concept of relationship difficulties

      Ask Philippa
      My?lover won’t leave his family. Should I wait or move on?

      Your lover is lying to his next of kin so he is capable of deceiving you, too, says Philippa Perry
    • Private Lives illo 7 Sept 2020

      Private lives
      My?teenage son shows no interest in school

      I’ve tried being as encouraging as possible, but nothing seems to work. And now I’m worried his younger siblings will follow in his footsteps

    The big picture

    • Oliver Bonas Blue Striped Cosy Heavyweight Scarf ?38 (2)

      Wrap it up: 15 of the best cosy scarves – in pictures

      Scarves don’t just keep you warm – they add a finishing flourish to your winter look
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