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Well, actually

Living a good life in a complex world

Well Actually

  • Untitled Artwork (11)

    Secondhand gifts and DIY decor
    Seven ways to make your holidays a little greener

  • illustration of woman's hands with mushrooms and pills and black and white scenes of hippie revellers

    ‘Long-lost best friends’
    The?longevity movement finds psychedelics

    The mental-health benefits of psychedelics are a draw for a growing community of people committed to reversing ageing
  • painting of trees over a lake

    Why?the paintings of this Dutch master help me see the world differently

    Jacob van Ruisdael’s landscapes have a mood of introspection and a stillness that lets you feel the movement of air and earth
  • image (3)

    Ask ugly
    Now?that I’m a mother, I’m mourning my old, ‘pretty’ self. Is this normal?

  • illustration of an adult wearing a baby onesie and with a dummy in their mouth

    Why am I like this?
    I’m an adult. Why do I regress under my parents’ roof?

  • Two women whispering secrets in an illustration from the 19th century.

    ‘Honestly, he kind of sucks’: trash-talking can feel great but is it really bad for you?

  • Humans have been turning to the supernatural to enhance our appeal since we first developed the ability to yearn for another.

    Will this fix me?
    I?spent $9 on a beauty spell and all I got were these existential questions

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The toolkit

  • stoicism

    Modern stoicism
    Six?ways to make your life easier and more peaceful – by using stoic principles

  • One expert says 11 minutes of cold-water immersion a week can improve health benefits.

    Will this fix me?
    Oh?no! I’m sorry to report that cold plunges are great

  • illustration of a large lemon, and a woman drinking from a bottle in the background

    Lemon water
    A-list celebs love it, but does it actually do anything?

  • a wooden box with eco-friendly cleaning supplies in it

    A greener clean
    Three ways to eco-proof your cleaning routine

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Health & wellbeing

  • Taylor Swift performs in East Rutherford, New Jersey, in May 2023

    The?weird world of celebrity training: how Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Madonna get in shape for their shows

  • The Tooth Puller, Honthorst, Gerard van, 1628.. Image shot 1628. Exact date unknown.<br>M6JT29 The Tooth Puller, Honthorst, Gerard van, 1628.. Image shot 1628. Exact date unknown.

    Should I worry about flossing?

    • Adrian Chiles

      I?loved my new glasses – until everyone told me what they thought of them

      Adrian Chiles
    • Rauhaniemi, a sauna in Tampere, Finland

      The?sauna secret: why Finland is the happiest country in the world

    • A woman waves at a neighbour from her balcony.

      ‘Good morning!’: how two words could transform your life

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  • A young man is removing his wedding ring a concept of relationship difficulties<br>A close-up view of a young man's hands removing his wedding ring a concept of relationship difficulties

    My?lover won’t leave his family. Should I wait or move on?

  • Selfie of Osher Günsberg and Audrey

    The?moment I knew: as I watched her brush her daughter’s hair, something in my heart just burst

  • Sylvia and Charlie

    This is how we do it: ‘We had to learn how to sext - and now know all the emojis’

  • Saturday magazine Blind Date DEC 9 Peter Johnson &amp; Nick Slater (l-r)

    Blind date: ‘Most awkward moment? When I said moussaka was Turkish. Peter is Greek – and was appalled’

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  • Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake
Nigel Slater
Observer Food Monthly
OFM December 2023

    Pork terrine, apricot stollen, chocolate mousse – Nigel Slater recipes to give as Christmas gifts

  • Rachel Roddy’s s’aranzada, or candied orange and almond treats.

    A?Christmas gift from Sardinia: Rachel Roddy’s recipe for candied orange and almond balls, or s’aranzada

  • OM Nigel Potatoes Cream Mushrooms

    Nigel Slater’s recipes for potato and mushroom gratin, and mincemeat slices

  • Meera Sodha’s fridge pickes, or giardiniera, courtesy of Nonna Giusy.

    A?vegan Christmas stocking filler: Meera Sodha’s recipe for giardiniera, or Italian pickles

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  • An Ottolenghi salad with the maligned herb mint

    Crossword blog
    Crossword roundup: jacks and herbs and an ex-home secretary

  • Cryptic crosswords
    Cryptic crossword No 29,250

    • Quick crosswords
      Quick crossword No 16,723

    • Sudoku
      Sudoku 6,303 easy

    • Prize crosswords
      Prize crossword No 29,249

    • Killer sudoku
      Observer killer sudoku

    • Thomas Eaton
      What links young bears to dam-building rodents? The Saturday quiz

    • Alex Bellos's Monday puzzle
      Did?you solve it? Naughty knights

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