What You Must Know About Cashless Garages In Car Insurance

Cashless Garages In Car Insurance

It is mandatory for every vehicle owner to have at least basic insurance coverage for their vehicle to ply legally on Indian roads. Car insurance not only keeps you legally compliant but also shoulders the financial burden in the event of a mishap. A comprehensive car insurance policy will truly have your back as it covers you against own damages in an accident, third-party liabilities, theft, natural disasters, and man-made calamities. 

Furthermore, making claims on car insurance is now easier than ever before. Insurance providers have smooth processes set in place to ensure that you get your compensation in the simplest possible manner. One such facility that enables easy claims is that of cashless garages. In this article, we will take you through what you need to know about cashless garages in car insurance. 

What are cashless garages?

Cashless garages are garages that have a tie-up with your insurance provider. They repair your vehicle cashless as part of a claim settlement. This means that you do not need to pay anything upfront at the garage; all bills are settled directly with the insurer. 

What are the advantages of having the cashless garage service?

The cashless garage facility in car insurance is truly a boon in times of distress. After an accident, you would not probably be in the right frame of mind to search for garages to get your car repaired. You might also be short on cash as you obviously cannot foresee such a mishap happening. In this situation, a cashless garage service can truly save the day. All you need to do is call up your insurance provider and let them know you have met with an accident. They will then instruct you on the steps you need to take to file a claim. Your car gets fixed at the nearest cashless garage according to the coverage included in your plan. The garage inspects the vehicle and repairs it once receiving the approval for cashless claim. The bills go to the insurance company directly for settlement. This facility can indeed give peace of mind in moments of need. 

Things to keep in mind

In-network garages, you only receive cashless repair up to the extent of your policy’s coverage. You might be charged for the repair of any part that falls outside the purview of your policy. You would also have to pay the deductible as per your policy. 

Make sure to ask your insurance provider for a list of all the network garages near areas you usually travel to. These areas include your home neighborhood, office locality, and so on. Having this list at hand will ensure that you know where the closest cashless garage is, should you need it. You may simply contact your insurance company on their helpline for a list of these garages. Alternatively, you may check their website and download the list. 

We hope this article helped you. Do remember to keep your car insurance renewed to enjoy maximum protection on the road. Buckle up and drive safe!