When Does Your Car Need A Doctor – Signs That Tell Your Car Needs Servicing? 

Car Needs Servicing

Most have a kind of religious fanaticism about our 4-wheeled drives. We just love patrolling our city streets in them. Manning the highways on our next weekend getaway in our vehicles takes the thrill of vrooming to the next level. Needless to say, we want these faithful rubber-tyres beasts to be always in top-notch condition. Along with practical benefits such as fuel savings, reduced chances of accidents, and vehicle longevity, driving a robust vehicle makes for a better riding experience.

All this entails that we pay attention to the servicing needs of our cars. In today’s tech connected world, most big cities in India offer servicing solutions which are convenient and budget-friendly. For example, you can get car service at home in Delhi with many of these apps. But first, we need to answer a basic question.

When does our car actually need to be serviced? As experts say, the convention is to get it serviced every 12000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes earlier. But any car aficionado who loves his 4-wheeled darling with a lover’s zeal will tell you, that we don’t leave our cars to mere conventional wisdom. As astute users, we listen to our cars for signs that it’s time to book a call for doorstep car service. Here’s what you need to look out for:

Dashboard Warning Lights:

 Most modern cars are fitted with state-of-the-art electronic sensor systems that monitor and measure your car’s vital signs. Most warning signs with your car are flashed on the dashboard through various lights, icons and flash warnings. Always check your dashboard before you begin a ride and attend to any issues. 

Uncomfortable Riding Experience:

If your gut tells you that your last ride did not feel as happy and smooth, then you are right. Degrading riding comfort levels are a clear sign that all is not right with your baby.  Tyre scraping, irregular steering, unusual glitches, a feeling of low control during manoeuvrability – all are sure shot signs to get servicing.

Strange Sounds / Creepy Vibrations:

High pitched unusual squeals, scraping brake sounds, uneven engine noise, an abnormally loud exhaust all are clear cut signs that its to time to call the mechanic.

Strange shudders or vibrations more frequent than normal also point to various underlying issues with the vehicle.

Fumes and Smokes:  

Fumes coming out could signal a minor issue, such as a faulty radiator. Excessive smokes coming out of the bonnet, though, could be emblematic of oil leaks. These issues should be attended to, even though they may not require a full-blown service engagement.

However, blue smoke is a serious issue. This should immediately require a well-trained mechanic as this most probably is caused by oil burning somewhere.

Power / Mileage Loss:

If you see a noticeable drop in mileage, immediately call the mechanic. Stalling is another issue which requires a mechanic’s attention.

The luxury/sports car segment is booming in metro cities in India like Delhi. With such cars, it’s very easy to notice a sudden significant drop in power. You have trouble getting to speed, or it takes longer than usual to accelerate. For luxury or sports cars, you have specialised service centres. These issues can be properly treated in luxury car service centre in Delhi and other such places. 

Maintain your car well. Timely servicing will keep your 4-wheeled monster in peak condition giving you many more joyous rides!