Where can you find fast private proxies?

private proxies


A proxy is a type of service on another server that provides a connection to another website. This connection is not established by our internet connection, but by the proxy server connection, we only connect to the proxy gateway, and the proxy server returns the result of this page. What does this solution give us? The main advantage is hiding our IP address and even hiding our location from which the connection was established. It is also worth noting that the provider of private proxies, Proxy-Seller.com, is really worth your attention.

The older of the two HTTP proxies only works for web traffic. To use an HTTP proxy, add the proxy to your web browser’s config file (or use an extension if your browser doesn’t support proxies) and all internet traffic will be routed through the remote proxy.

HTTP proxies

If you are using an HTTP proxy to perform sensitive data operations such as banking or email, you must use an SSL-enabled browser and connect to a site that supports SSL encryption. This is because, as stated above, proxies do not encrypt your data, if they are not private.


Everyone can count on an IP address that is securely provided by an ISP. At the same time, the difference where a person lives does not matter. When it comes to speed, we mean up to 1 Gbps per second. It is really high, which means that the consistency of using the browser and any other screen monitoring software programs is 100 percent guaranteed. Users can not only take individual IPv4 / IPv6, but also pick them up for the required amount of time.

How to choose the right proxy for your projects

For a visitor to be anonymous on the network, to hide his activity, he needs proxies. A proxy is a separate server that connects the user to the rest of the network. All traffic is already going through it. The advantages of a proxy are obvious:

  • High privacy of information.
  • Safety while surfing the net.
  • Protection against a variety of attacks.
  • Improved communication.
  • Access to various content hidden for some countries.
  • The essence of a proxy is that it helps to change the IP address by transferring all traffic to another server, which also includes caching. All the required security mechanisms and services are already installed on this server.

Paid or free proxies – which should you prefer?

Naturally, when possible, it is better to take paid proxies. They are more stable, function constantly, do not fall off, and the quality of their services is always the highest. The user pays according to the tariff for the services offered. To monitor the detail screen monitoring software needed.

Free solutions sometimes have slow speeds. They are rather slow and weak.

By their type, all proxies can be divided into:

  • http (premium, anonymous, or no security).
  • https
  • socks5

If you consider HTTPS proxies, then we can say about them that they reliably protect the transmitted information. All traffic that goes through the proxy is encrypted. In this case, you can use the TCP protocol.

Further application possibilities are determined depending on the type of proxy. If anonymity is required, then it is better to take appropriate secure proxies. Anonymity can be either low or medium or high. There is also a proxy without anonymity at all. Better to take a proxy of proven quality.

Personal proxies are always sold in one hand. Their quality is the highest, but you have to pay for such quality, often even a lot. But to work in the network, sometimes it is necessary. For example, if you are promoting websites, social media accounts, parsing, then you simply cannot do without good proxies. You should also keep good proxies close at hand if you want to visit all blocked resources in your country.

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